Completed Research Projects

Research Projects completed during COBRE CMADP's first two phases of IDeA grant funding (P20GM103638)
InvestigatorAffiliationProject DatesProject Title
Britt, NicholasKU Pharmacy Practice and KUMC Internal Medicine2020 - 2022Function of circulating exosomes in sepsis-induced immunosuppression
Hartley, MeredithKU Chemistry2020 - 2022Lipid regulation and metabolism in myelin repair
Holmstrom, ErikKU Molecular Biosciences2019 - 2022Molecular mechanisms of hepatitis C virus nucleocapsid-like particle assembly
Wang, JingxinKU Medicinal Chemistry2020 - 2022Novel target deconvolution in cGAS-STING pathway
Robinson, JenniferKU Bioengineering2018 - 2021Role of estrogen and mechanobiology on meniscal regeneration
Ray, J. ChristianKU Molecular Biosciences2017 - 2019Cell-resolution analyses of bacterial acute-to-chronic transitions
He, MeiKU Chemistry and Bioengineering2017 - 20193D microfluidic electro-transfection for programming biomimetic immune tissues
Chandler, JosephineKU Molecular Biosciences2015 - 2018Antibiotic-induced virulence in Burkholderia pseudomallei
McGill, JodiKSU Diagnostic Medicine/Pathobiology2015 - 2018Alternative functions for γδ T cells in the immune response to Mycobacterium
Paul, ArghyaKU Bioengineering2015 - 2018Role of biomechanical cues for stem cell based myocardial infarction therapy
Zeng, YongKU Chemistry2015 - 2017Microfluidic single-cell analysis of cancer exosomes
Veeman, MichaelKSU Biology2015Morphogenetic effector networks in the Ciona notochord
Ackley, BrianKU Molecular Biosciences2012 - 2015Identifying mRNAs associated with a synaptogenic calcium-mediated pathway
Azuma, MizukiKU Molecular Biosciences2012 - 2015Role of Ewing sarcoma proteins EWS/FLI1 and EWS in mitosis
Dhar, PrajnaparamitaKU Bioengineering2012 - 2015Probing lipid-protein interactions in biological self-assembly
Johnson, MichaelKU Chemistry2012 - 2015Neurotransmitter interactions on sub-second timescales