Completed Pilot Projects

Pilot Projects completed during COBRE CMADP's first two phases of IDeA grant funding (P20GM103638)
InvestigatorAffiliationProject DatesProject Title
Nye, LaurenKUMC Medical Oncology2020 - 2022Feasibility of a translational mouse and human model to identify a signature of non-response in DCIS
Londono-Renteria, BerlinKSU Entomology2020 - 2021The biology of hybrid IgG4 antibodies in viral emerging and re-emerging diseases
Hasegawa, UraraKSU Chemical Engineering2018 - 2020Nanoparticle platform for site-specific delivery of the gasotransmitter hydrogen sulfide
Holmstrom, ErikKU Molecular Biosciences2019Inhibition of hepatitis C virus nucleocapsid-like particle assembly
He, MeiKSU Chemical Engineering2016 - 2017Microfluidic engineering of immunogenic exosomes for personalized cancer vaccine
Ray, J. ChristianKU Molecular Biosciences2016 - 2017An integrative platform for cell-resolution analysis of the acute-to-chronic transition in bacterial pathogens
Unckless, RobertKU Molecular Biosciences2016Pathobiology, host defense and population of Drosophila innubial nudivirus
Blumenstiel, JustinKU Ecology & Evolutionary Biology2013 - 2014Mechanisms of genome instability induced by transposable elements
Bortolato, MarcoKU Pharmacology & Toxicology2013 - 2014Transcriptomic analysis of disease pathways in animal models of Tourette syndrome
Olson, BradleyKSU Biology2013 - 2014Multicellular evolution by reprogramming cell cycle regulation
Ren, ShenqiangKU Chemistry2013 - 2014Single wall carbon nanotube platforms as near-infrared fluorescent sensors