Research Projects: Call for Applications

Letters of Intent due July 15, 2019

Those selected to submit full applications will be notified by July 26, 2019.

Selected full applications due September 3, 2019

Anticipated project start date: January 2, 2020

Research Project Request for Applications (RFA)

The Center for Molecular Analysis of Disease Pathways (CMADP) at the University of Kansas provides participating investigators with research support, mentoring and access to Core Lab Services in a collegial, collaborative atmosphere.  We anticipate being able to support up to two (2) new Research Projects at up to $140,000 direct costs per year for one year starting January 2, 2020, renewable for a second year contingent on scientific progress and available funds. Applications must describe a research project that fits well with the scientific theme of our Center and that will make good use of one or more of the CMADP Core Labs.  This competition is open to all full time, tenure-track or tenured faculty at Kansas State University, the University of Kansas, the University of Kansas Medical Center or Wichita State University whose research embraces the molecular analysis of disease pathways in the broadest sense.

Applicant eligibility. The intent of the COBRE is to support and develop promising investigators whose early career support consists of awards geared toward initiating their intended area of research. For the purpose of eligibility, a research project leader must be a junior investigator, defined either as:

  • An individual who does not have or has not previously had an external, peer-reviewed Research Project Grant (RPG) or Program Project Grant (PPG) from either a Federal or non-Federal source that names that investigator as the PD/PI.
    • Grants that name an individual as a co-investigator, collaborator, consultant, or to a position other than PD/PI or PD/PI on research grants that allow multiple PD(s)/PIs, do not disqualify that investigator.
    • Academic Research Enhancement Award (AREA) grants, exploratory/pilot project grants (such as NIH R03 and R21 awards), mentored career development awards (such as NIH K01 and K08 awards), or other Federal or non-Federal funding whose purpose is to provide preliminary support in anticipation of a RPG or PPG also do not disqualify the investigator.
    • Investigators who have managed to obtain significant support in the form of a RPG or PPG (e.g., NIH R01, K99/R00, or P01, NSF, or other Federal or non-Federal agency awards) are not eligible.
  • Or, an established investigator of any faculty rank who is making a significant change to his/her career goals by initiating a new line of research that is distinctly and significantly different from his/her current investigative program.
    • The current or previous history of independent peer-reviewed research support, which should be indicated in the Biographical Sketch, in a different investigative area than that proposed in this application does not disqualify the investigator from serving as a Project Lead.
    • However, investigators whose current research is already supported by a RPG or PPG and who are not changing their current research program are not eligible.
    • Investigators who propose to develop a new or alternate line of research, but whose intention is to maintain support of an active RPG or PPG in a different area of research are also not eligible.

Please note: K-INBRE investigators are not eligible to receive simultaneous research funding as COBRE project investigators. Similarly, COBRE investigators may not receive simultaneous research project support from an K-INBRE or other COBRE award.

Prospective applicants with questions about eligibility, program details, or the "fit" of their project to the COBRE theme are encouraged to contact Dr. Susan Lunte, COBRE CMADP PI (

Letter of intent instructions. Letters of intent should be sent as a PDF via email to Cady Bush, COBRE CMADP Program Manager ( Your letter of intent must:

  • Be received by Monday, July 15, 2019;
  • Be no longer than one page, sent by email as a PDF attachment along with the applicant’s NIH biosketch;
  • Explain briefly how the applicant meets the eligibility criteria set forth above;
  • Explain briefly the nature or focus of the research that will be proposed and, if not obvious, how it fits the scientific theme of COBRE CMADP, and
  • Explain briefly how the project will utilize one or more of the COBRE CMADP Core Labs.

Based on your letter, you will be notified by July 26, 2019 if you should prepare and submit a full application.


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