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CMADP brings together junior and senior faculty from the physical, biological, and pharmaceutical sciences at the University of Kansas to produce a multidisciplinary center focused on developing and implementing cutting edge technologies for elucidating the genetic, chemical, and physical mechanisms of disease processes. The scientific emphasis of the Center is on the creation and implementation of enabling technologies that can be employed to identifying new therapeutic targets. This includes state of the art methods for gene sequencing, the genetic manipulation of model organisms, custom fluorescent molecular probes for monitoring physiological processes in model organisms, and microfluidic systems for manipulation and monitoring of biochemical pathways.

The center exploits the strengths of KU and associated universities in the areas of genetics, bioanalytical chemistry and synthesis. The PI, Dr. Susan Lunte is an expert in bioanalytical sensors and the application of microfluidics to bioanalysis. Co-Investigator, Dr. Blake Peterson, develops novel fluorescent probes for monitoring and controlling the transport of drugs across barriers. The third co-PI, Dr. Lundquist, is developing genetic models for neurological diseases. The PI and the co-PIs are all committed to mentoring young faculty who are interested in studying the genetic, biochemical, or physical causes of disease.

target discovery figure

The focus of this Center is on the development and implementation of new enabling technologies for the study of biological pathways and processes related to disease. The three core laboratories help facilitate this process. The figure above shows the flow chart for target discovery in the Center. By utilizing the Center Cores, junior scientists are able to translate biochemical or physical findings regarding a disease pathway to identify potential therapeutic targets. A variety of diseases are investigated including neurological disorders, cancer and cardiovascular disease.

Recent News

February 2017
CMADP Project Investigators co-author Top Downloaded article in Lab on a Chip

CMADP Co-I awarded R01 from NIH National Cancer Institute

CMADP Graduate's research featured on cover of Genetics and in other journals

October 2016
CMADP Co-I receives Mathers Foundation grant

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Upcoming Events
Special seminar by Dr. Kevin W. Plaxco
Professor of Chemistry & Biochemistry
UC Santa Barbara

Wednesday, April 19, 2017 at 4:00pm
School of Pharmacy, Room 3020

"Counting molecules, dodging blood cells: real-time molecular measurements directly in the living body"
The development of technology capable of continuously tracking the levels of drugs, metabolites, and biomarkers in situ in the body would revolutionize our understanding of health and our ability to detect and treat disease. It would, for example, provide clinicians with a real-time window into organ function and would enable therapies guided by patient-specific, real-time pharmacokinetics, opening a new dimension in personalized medicine. In response my group has pioneered the development of a “biology-inspired” electrochemical approach to monitoring specific molecules that supports real-time measurements of arbitrary molecular targets (irrespective of their chemical reactivity) directly in awake, fully ambulatory subjects.
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